Esteban Fernandez-Juricic Lab

at Purdue University





Are you interested in joining the lab?


Are you an undergraduate student interested in getting involved in research?

We do welcome undergraduate students in our lab. There is flexibility in terms of the projects you may participate: from physiology to animal behavior, including field work and even coding videos of the behavioral experiments we run. We seek students who are very responsible and pro-active. You could participate in the project of a graduate student or you could run your own independent project. We spend all the necessary time to train you and make sure you will collect good quality data. The lab has a very friendly environment in which team work is highly encouraged. 


Are you a potential graduate student interested in joining the lab?

I welcome enquiries from potential Masters or Ph.D. students. Graduate school is an important investment of your time (and money), so I take graduate student training very seriously. The lab has broad interests in behavioral ecology, visual ecology, and conservation biology. Graduate students can work in some of our areas of interest or they can also develop their own projects. Besides a rigorous training, I believe that students can get the best benefits out of graduate school by allocating energy and time to publishing their work in peer-reviewed journals. So, there is an expectation in the lab to do good science and publish papers. Publishing will in turn enhance the studentís resume and open up further professional opportunities (e.g., post-docs, Faculty positions, etc.). Graduate students in the lab also receive a good training in experimental design, statistics, and grant-writing, as these skills are necessary to be successful in research.  

Why go to graduate school in Indiana?! There are many reasons why you may want to consider Purdue when thinking about which schools to apply. First, Purdue is a research intensive University with a lot of very talented (nation- and world-wide) Faculty. Second, the Faculty in the Department of Biological Sciences specialize in various disciplines (from structural biology to ecology) and encourage multi-disciplinary approaches to answer questions. Multi-disciplinary projects are an important trend in biology nowadays. Third, the Ecology group in our Department has many renowned ecologists that are always happy to interact with graduate students. Fourth, the Ecology group has a great reputation for offering a friendly but scientifically rigorous atmosphere for grad school. Fifth, there are some TAís and RAís available to support graduate students. Sixth, the costs of living in the Lafayette/West Lafayette area are comparatively low for a big school like Purdue compared to other campuses. Seventh, if you want to be surrounded by smart people, consider that West Lafayette was ranked last year as the 6th most educated small town in the US. Ninth, if you want entertainment, Indianapolis is about an hour and Chicago two hours away.

Finally, there are four important things you might want to do to find out if the lab could be a good fit for you. First, go through our website and learn about what we do and how we do it. Second, read some of our publications. Third, you may contact me by email to schedule a time to chat on the phone about graduate school here at Purdue. I am always happy to talk to students. Fourth, learn more about living in Lafayette/West Lafayette, Indiana.






Last update October 30, 2013