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Welcome to the Fernandez-Juricic lab!


My research interests are centered on animal ecology, and more specifically include the following areas: behavioral ecology, visual ecology, and conservation biology, as well as the interactions between them. 

My research is question-driven. I answer my questions in a comprehensive manner, using a combination of empirical, theoretical, and comparative approaches. My model species are usually birds, but I have also worked with fish, mammals, amphibians, and insects.

I was fortunate to enrich my education by attending Universities in different parts of the world. I did my undergraduate, specialized in ecology and biodiversity, at "Universidad Nacional de Cordoba", Argentina. My Ph.D. was in animal ecology and conservation biology at "Universidad Complutense de Madrid", Spain. My two post-docs were focused on behavioral ecology; the first one at University of Oxford (United Kingdom), and the second one at University of Minnesota (USA). I was an Assistant Professor at California State University Long Beach for almost six years. I am now an Full Professor of Biological Sciences at Purdue University.

I am currently interested in two main topics:

- The evolution of visual systems in vertebrates and how visual system configuration shapes different behaviors (foraging, antipredator, mating, etc.).  

- Strategies to solve human-wildlife interactions in protected areas, airports, and urbanized landscapes.

I follow different methodological approaches to address these topics.

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Prof. Esteban Fernandez-Juricic
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