Esteban Fernandez-Juricic Lab

at Purdue University





Current projects


Here are a few examples of the projects we are currently working on. This is not a complete list!

Developing novel methods to measure retinal specializations in avian retinas

Is there a relationship between the size of the retinal areas with high density of retinal ganglion cells and eye size?

Do bird species that use tools have a greater degree of eye movement and wider binocular fields to manipulate objects in the frontal part of their heads?

Is there a relationship between vigilance rates and predator detection probabilities? Or are predator detection probabilities just a function of head position when an attack occurs?

Is a large degree of eye movement functionally relevant for predator detection?

What is the relationship between vigilance behavior and the configuration of the visual system of birds?

Are social species more likely to show gaze following than asocial species?

What are the behavioral patterns indicating what birds are looking for? Are these patterns related to the configuration of visual systems?

What are the light properties that would increase the frequency of aircraft detection by birds?

What is the effectiveness of radio-controlled aircraft with and without the shape of a hawk to repel over-abundant birds from airports and landfills? Do birds habituate or sensitize to it?

What is the degree of fear of different bird species to a robot-raptor? Is it a function of species size, novelty, or visual detection?

Developing new methods to estimate buffer area for the protection of birds taking into consideration their sensory biology

A consumer's perspective: how can we develop a visually attractive bird feeder taking into account the bird's eye view?





Last update October 30, 2013