Esteban Fernandez-Juricic Lab

at Purdue University





Photo gallery


Esteban's old times...

Looking for parrots in the Chaco Region, Argentina

Recording vocalizations of South American sea lions in Patagonia

Conducting experiments on the social foraging behavior of starlings at Wytham, UK

Canoeing in Wisconsin

Receiving a fellowship from Juan Carlos, King of Spain

My first week at University of Oxford, visiting the Museum of Natural History



Lab snapshots

Tim and Mary Ellen discover that sieving sawdust to estimate the number of seeds birds ate is not as fun as they thought

We are interested in visual perception, and as you can see we always test how our birds would perceive their experimental conditions

Our semi-natural experiments are extremely laborious, to the extent that Ronald sorely needed a nap to recover

Marci gets our mobile recording station ready to start the experiment

With Drs. Steven Lima and Brad Blackwell during our experiment on bird responses to lights

Gabriel gets ready to flight the FALCO Robot during tests we ran at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport.







Last update October 30, 2013