Esteban Fernandez-Juricic Lab

at Purdue University





Lab mission statement


To enhance our understanding of the mechanisms underlying animal behavior using an evolutionary framework in order to develop predictive models that can be applied to solve conservation biology problems. 

We accomplish that mission by carefully planning our research, promoting team-work, setting-up collaborative studies with on- and off-campus labs, and increasing our productivity through publications.

Our research is question-driven, and we use different species of birds, mammals, amphibians, fish, and insects as models depending on their suitability to answer the questions we are interested in. 

We actively encourage the involvement of students in our research projects as a way of enhancing their background, problem-solving skills, and job opportunities.

The well-being of the animals we study is a top priority. Consequently, we follow ethical guidelines and provide high standards of animal care.




Last update October 30, 2013